Air Force Research Laboratory, ATTN: SNHA
80 Scott Dr,  Hanscom AFB, MA 01731-2909
Telephone: 781 377 3686 voice,  781 377 1074 FAX

SUMMARY Expertise in performing and leading innovative research and development.
Life Fellow of the IEEE and Life Member of the American Physical Society (APS).
10 Patents; over 80 Publications, Listed in Marquis Who’s Who in America.

1995-      Consultant & Air Force Researach Laboratory Emeritus
1967-95 Chief, Rome Laboratory - Components Technology Branch
Planned and managed in-house (12 people) and contractual ($2 M) research & development program with universities and industry. Researched 80-psec-laser activated antennas, high-Tc superconductivity, GaAs & InP Monolithic Circuits to a record of 213GHz, surface acoustic waves (SAW), & microwave ultrasonics. Components are used in DOD communications and radar systems as well as TV and cellular phones.

Supervised graduate students, three of whom won the prestigious Air Force R&D Award.
One used his research on Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) as a Ph.D. thesis at the U. of MO.
In 1976, the former AF Cambridge Research Laboratory became part of the Rome Laboratory.

1962-67 Condensed Matter Research Physicist- Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratory (AFCRL) Microwave nonlinearities in quartz, Phonon-Phonon and Photon-Phonon Interactions
1961-621st Lt. Ordnance Corps, Army Missile Comd. Calibration Ctr.,Redstone Arsenal, AL,
1958-61 MIT Lincoln Laboratory Staff Research Associate
Magnetoresistance of Bi203, Magnetic transitions in V203 & Ti203, EPR
1957-58 MIT Teaching Assistant: Both a Senior Laboratory & an Electromagnetics Course

1966 Ph. D. Physics, Brandeis University
1961 M. S. Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
1957 B. S. Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

1991- Rome Laboratory Engineer of the Year
1990 -Air Force Office of Scientific Research STAR Team Leader
1979 -Elected Fellow of IEEE "...for contributions to microwave acoustics and their use as
signal processing components."
1976- Air Force Systems Command Outstanding Technical Achievement Award for low-spurious
SAW delay line, which solved "false target" problem in operational radar.
1973- AFCRL Loeser Memorial Award Lecture for sustained scientific achievement
1967-O’Day Memorial Award for best AFCRL paper published in 1967

2002 -       President, Hanscom AFB Sigma Xi Chapter

1996-97 Chairman, New England Sect. of the APS Meeting , Hanscom AFB, Oct. 24-25, 1997
(89-90) Chairman, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) Boston Chapt, MTT
1989-91 Guest Editor, IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques (MTT)
              Special Issue Microwave Applications of Superconductors (September 1991)

1986-88 Member, Technical Program Committee, IEEE MM-Wave Circuits Symposium
1971-89 Member Technical Program Committee, IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium; Technical Program Committee Chairman, 1976.